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All my drawing, photos, pictures and stories store in here!

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Just all my favourite stuffs... Terbaik! Awesome! :D





Chapter 2: Friends and Family

Eli and his friends brought me to their home. They called it the Shane Hideout. Although their house was not as luxurious as mine, but it was still comfortable. Compared with my house, the atmosphere was warmer here. My slugs were easily adjusted to the new surroundings.

“Your house is warm 
and very comfortable, even though not as luxurious as mine.”, I remarked.

“Well, my dad left it 
for us, so it's quite simple.”, Eli replied. “And you are from a rich family? But you don't look like one.”, he questioned.

“Well, I prefer to 
wear like this.”, I answered. My entire body, except for my face and neck, was covered with silk. I wore a dark brown armour with a purple sheet stretching down with two red stripes in between. I also wore black gloves, a light gray skirt with dark gray stripes on its sides and autumn leather boots. A bandolier with four slug containers was strapped on my chest. A bandolier with eight slug containers was strapped around my waist, functioning like a belt. I wore two metal plates with Chinese plum blossom patterns on my knees and two red hand blasters on my arms. I also wore a black scarf that was fastened by a Chinese plum blossom pin. I carried a backpack which stored 22 slug containers. When it came to my face, my skin was yellowish brown. I had short black hair and black eyes, but sometimes they appeared dark brown. I also wore a pair of black glasses due to my shortsightedness.

I smelt something from the kitchen. “What's that smell?”, I asked curiously.

“Oh, that will be Pronto's cooking.”, Eli answered.

Eli and I went downstairs 
and saw Trixie examining the slugs. Glace, who was the leader of my slugs, bowed down graciously to Burpy, Eli's ultra rare Infurnus. Arthur, the co-leader of my slugs, was chatting lively with Banger, Eli's Armashelt. Joules, Eli's happy-go-lucky Tazerling shocked Cacodemon with a small jolt of electricity when they shook their hands. It made my Tazerling, Diandian and Eli's Frightgeist, Spooker laughed. Kord's Rammstone, Bludgeon, was practicing arm wrestling with my Rammstone, Gongyang. Bluster, Trixie's Tormato, jumped down from her shoulder and started talking to Taifeng, my Tormato. My Flatulorhinkus, Xiangmao, was criticizing Stinky, Pronto's Flatulorhinkus, for using his stinky powers for unnecessary events. Doc, Eli's Boon Doc, spotted Aloe and was entranced by her beauty, and vice versa. The same thing also happened on Eli's Flopper, Noodle and my female Flopper, Runhua. Trixie found them adorable.

“Wow, Wen Jing, you 
have a lot of slugs?”, Trixie asked.

“Yes, I have collected 
roughly 34 slugs.”, I answered.

“Really? You must have 
love your slugs very much.”, Eli said.

“Yes, and they all 
have unique names. I named them according to their appearances, powers and abilities.”, I replied.

“So, besides Glace, 
Arthur, Cacodemon, Aloe, Arachne and Athena, your other slugs have very special names. They don't sound like English.”, Trixie said.

“Well, I named them using Mandarin Chinese, which is my mother tongue.”, I explained.

“Mandarin Chinese? I 
never really heard of that language before.”, Eli said.

“Well, only my family and some people living in my home cavern speak the language.”, I added.

“Uh, not to interrupt 
the conversation, I have to say that your mecha-beast is very special. I've never seen a model like yours.”, Kord said to me.

“It is a PT-JSONI 
model. It resembles a Malayan tiger, and it is specially made. I nicknamed it 'Xiaohu', which means 'little tiger'.”, I explained.

“Not just your 
mecha-beast, even your blasters are different from ours.”, Kord added.

“Oh, these...”, I looked at my hand blasters. They were red with green patterns. “They are made of light and strong materials so I can handle the mass, and the blasters can shoot slugs even with the most powerful slug energy. They can also function like blades.”, I explained and activated both blasters. The lids popped up and shiny blades that were attached to them came out.

“Cool.”, Eli 
blurted out. Kord and Trixie gasped.

“Sometimes I use them 
as blades for threatening purpose, besides slinging slugs.”, I added as I deactivated my blasters. The blades closed together and returned to the lids. The lids dropped down and now my blasters looked more like metal plates on my arms.

Pronto came in with his dish 
covering with a lid. I followed Eli, Kord and Trixie to the dining table. He placed his dish on the dining table and opened the lid. His cooking was an insect dish. After praying, Pronto decided to grab one of the insect's claw to eat, but was smacked by Trixie on the hand.

“Where are your 
manners, Pronto?”, Trixie scolded. “You should let our guest to eat first.”, she said.

“Not to mention that 
she came from a rich family. She may prefer to be with polite people.”, Eli added.

“Oh, so she is from a 
rich family, eh?”, Pronto asked in his usual accent. “I will be delightful to let you, Wen Jing, to get a taste of my family's traditional dish!”, he said proudly.

He pulled out a claw and 
placed it on a plate. “Here. Have some!”, he said in a cheerful tone. I accepted it and pulled out a fake smile. I had never eaten an insect dish, and I would not try to eat it.

“So... You guys eat 
this?”, I asked quietly.

“Well, it's a 
tradition in the Shane to enjoy the molenoid dishes.”, Eli answered. “But I don't really want to eat it.”, he added softly as he saw an insect claw was still moving. I freaked out on the inside when I saw it. I turned to look at Kord and Trixie. I could see that they did not really enjoy the dish. Pronto was the only one who was eating.

I only ate the vegetables and peas. I gave some remaining peas to a few of my slugs. Arthur, Cacodemon, Diandian, and my Gazzer, Dandan hopped onto my plate and started eating their meal.

“Hey, you actually 
give your food to... to a bunch of slugs?!”, Pronto asked me in disbelief.

“A happy slug is a 
healthy slug.”, I started. “And healthy slugs win duels!”, Eli finished.

Arthur, Cacodemon, Diandian and Dandan stared at Pronto mischievously. They talked to each other and planned out a prank. Arthur bent down and acted as a fulcrum of a lever. Cacodemon and Diandian placed a metal spoon on top of him. Dandan stepped onto the spoon and was launched into the air by the two mischievous slugs. Dandan hit Pronto right on his face and produced a small amount of laughing gas. Pronto yelped in pain. He was about to yell at Dandan, but then he started laughing uncontrollably due to the laughing gas. Dandan returned to the trio and the four of them did fist bumps for their successful prank.

I looked at the portrait of 
perhaps the young Eli and his father hanging on the wall. “Is that... your father, Eli?”, I asked.

“Yes, my dad is Will 
Shane.”, he answered.

“I have heard of his 
name, but I... don't know about him.”, I said softly.

“Wait, you actually don't know Will Shane, who is one of the greatest slinger in history?”, Trixie asked in disbelief.

“I... don't know quite 
a lot of things. I don't go out often... and my cavern is usually peaceful.”, I replied.

“That's OK, Wen Jing. 
I also didn't know many things when I first started slugslinging.”, Eli comforted me.

I smiled. “And 
speaking about the Shane, I heard about something that the Shanes have kept secret from everyone else. Something about... the Burning World, right?”, I asked.

“Oh, come on, Wen 
Jing, the Burning World is just a myth. It is not real!”, Eli said.

I turned to Glace, who had come back to me and was standing on my shoulder, looked at Eli suspiciously. Glace seemed to know that Eli was lying.

“Well, to be honest, the Burning World is real, and Glace and I can see that you actually know it, Eli. The world where the people can see the sun and the moon. The world where planes and spaceships are invented. The world above us.”, I said.

“How did you... Wait, are you from... the Surface?”, Eli asked in shock.

I raised my eyebrow. “The Surface? The true name for the Burning World? You seem to know. Are you from there?”, I asked back.

“You know too much, 
Wen Jing. Yes, I am from the Surface.”, Eli sighed in defeat.

“Since you have admitted, then I reveal myself too.”, I replied. “I am from the Surface too.”, I admitted quietly.

Eli and his friends were 
shocked. “Wow, that's just, wow.”, Trixie exclaimed.

“But, if you are from the Surface, then why I never met you before?”, Eli asked.

“Actually, I came from a place far, far away from yours, Eli.”, I answered.

“That explained your knowledge about the Surface.”, he said.

“So, how's your life 
back at the top?”, Trixie asked curiously.

“Well, life at the 
Surface was not as good as you thought. I came from a broken home, and I was raised by my two aunts. I didn't know much of my parents, and the only family I knew were my three aunts, my uncle, my grandparents, and my two older cousins. My family had a secret passage to get down to Slugterra thanks to my successful and wealthy uncle. We went here, believing life would be better here compared to the Surface. We sealed the passage once we arrived so nobody will know.”, I told them about my history.

“I'm sorry about your 
family.”, Kord said.

“Do you know what had 
happened to your parents, Wen Jing?”, Trixie asked.

“Well, no. But my aunt once said that my father was not intelligent, while my mother was ill-tempered. My family said that I inherited most from my mother, only my skin is from my father.”, I replied.

“So, are you happy 
with your life right here, with the riches from your uncle?”, Pronto asked.

“To be honest, I 
don't. My family members usually quarrel with each other, that's why I usually go out for a long period of time before returning home.”, I answered. Glace pulled out a sad face.

“We all lose someone 
we love, Wen Jing. You can call us as your family if you want.”, Eli said.

“Thank you, Eli. Even 
though I have to live with my chaotic family, but all of you have been very nice to me. It has been a long time I didn't feel like this again.”, I replied and smiled. Glace pulled out a heartwarming smile.

“So, what do you want 
to do now?”, Eli asked.

“Well, how about a friendly duel?”, I suggested.

“Okay then. I would 
like to see your skills.”, Eli accepted.

The five of us called out 
our slugs, ready for friendly duels. After gathering our blasters, bandoliers and slugs, we went out of the hideout. In my mind, I was thinking back what I had told my new friends about my history.

If it wasn't for him, I 
wouldn't have know the Shane and embarrass myself in this world. I thought. 

My Life in Slugterra - 2. Friends and Family
Warning: Dark elements of family are revealed.

And for the last sentence of thought, you will eventually know who is 'him'.

Fun fact: My mecha-beast model is taken from the scientific name of the Malayan tiger, which is Panthera tigris jacksoni. Its Chinese name is '小虎'.

Slugterra belongs to Nerd Crops.

Chapter 1: New Ally

I was taking a ride through a quiet cavern. The only sound I could hear was the movement of my mecha-beast. The black stripes on its orange metal remained visible. Its face of a Malayan tiger was as fierce as always. My favourite slug on my shoulder spoke to me. Her orange eyes looked concerned.

“I know, Glace. But 
not now, I don't feel like going home yet.”, I replied. Despite I did not understand the slug language, but I knew what Glace meant. I had left my home cavern to escape the chaos in my family. By this time, I should return home now.

Glace did a sad look. Her peach antennae dropped. “Don't worry, we will be back home.”, I said and gave her a quick smile.

Suddenly, I heard the sound 
of slugs been slung. I jumped down from my vehicle and approached the rocky wall quietly. I carefully took a peak to see what had happened. I gasped when I saw Dr. Thaddius Blakk who had a teenage boy at gunpoint. I also saw many of his goons surrounded perhaps the young boy's friends: a red-haired girl, a cave troll and a molenoid. Dr. Blakk also had them at gunpoint, but he was aiming directly at the boy.

“Dr. Blakk.”, I 
whispered nastily as Glace hopped into an empty slug container that was attached on my bandolier, ready for battle. I never dueled with him before, but I had heard about him. He was rich and powerful – he owned perhaps everything. He was corrupting the slug energy, turning the innocent slugs into hideous ghouls. I had seen those before, and I did not like it at all.

I activated my right hand 
blaster and grabbed a slug container from my bandolier. “Ready, Aloe?”, I asked my Boon Doc in the container and she nodded. “You know what to do.”, I said as I inserted her into my blaster.

When Dr. Blakk shot a Hop 
Jack toward the boy, I shot Aloe toward the ghouled Hop Rock. Aloe transformed and use Healswarm. She emitted a powerful light glow and managed to heal the ghoul before it hit the boy. The ghoul turned back into the protoform of a Hop Rock. The boy was surprised. He looked at the Hop Rock who used to be a ghoul that was going to finish him.

“What?”, Dr. 
Blakk hissed, shocked to find his ghoul was cured. I quickly loaded another slug and shot it toward him. The villain tilted his head up and saw an armoured slug with a purple body flying toward him. He transformed into a western dragon wearing a shining armour, and his eyes were shielded with metal. He used Clawslash and lifted his right claw. Dr. Blakk used his blaster as a shield to protect himself from his attack. The transformed slug clawed his blaster with great force. The impact damaged his blaster, sending sparks flying on it. The villain looked at his damaged blaster in disbelief.

I loaded my third slug and 
slung it. It was a Frightgeist and he transformed into an appearance of a hideous zombie. He activated Frightningrod and hit Dr. Blakk. The overwhelming, uncontrollable fright response was gaining effect on the villain. I swiftly loaded Glace and slung her. She transformed into a white and gray dolphin with an indestructible spiky ice armour. She used Icecannon as she curled into a ball and shot multiple icicles toward Dr. Blakk and his goons. With the Frightningrod effect still on, he screamed and started to run away when I started approaching him. He told his goons to retreat. His goons hesitated and turned to me. I immediately shot my Hop Rock toward them. He transformed and used Scrapnel. He exploded in flight, creating a burst of glowing hot shrapnel toward the goons. Some were knocked over and they quickly ran away, following Dr. Blakk to an exit.

My slugs hopped back to me, 
happy of their victory. I deactivated my blaster and squatted down. “Great job, guys!”, I praised my slugs. My Hop Rock entered the empty slug container on my bandolier that was strapped around my waist. I grabbed two slug containers from my bandolier that was strapped on my chest toward Aloe and my Frightgeist. They hopped into them and I placed them back on my bandolier. Glace and my armoured purple slug hopped on my blaster and I let them to stand on my left shoulder. 

I approached the boy and his 
friends who were standing up. “You guys okay?”, I asked.

The boy stood up first, 
which was followed by his friends. “Yes. Thanks for saving us.”, he replied politely. He smiled and asked, “And you are...?”

“My name is Wen 
Jing.”, I finished his sentence.

“Wen Jing... That 
sounds like a unique name.”, he said. “I'm the Shane, Eli Shane.”, he introduced himself. “These are my friends: Trixie, Kord and Pronto.”, he introduced his friends to me.

“Nice to meet all of 
you. You four must be the Shane Gang. I have heard about your adventures.”, I said.

“Really? Do they even 
tell the tales of” -the molenoid bowed down graciously to me- “Pronto the Magnificent?”.

I chuckled at his behavior 
and replied, “Well, no. But I would like to hear it if I had missed out anything.”

“Ah, yes. Of course.”, 
Pronto said proudly. “You will be amazed by the tales of” -he raised his voice- “Pronto the Magnificent!”

“Wait,” the 
red-haired girl named Trixie started when she saw my slugs on my shoulder. She took out a video camera and began recording my slugs. “Is that a Hiverphin and a Knighton?”, she asked curiously. Glace, the Hiverphin, waved at the camera and smiled. The armoured purple slug was a Knighton, and his name was Arthur. He showed off his shiny teeth, which was his greatest pride. It reflected light into the lenses, temporarily making it blur.

“They are rare slugs 
and I only heard about them.”, she said and examined them.

“Well, Glace was my birthday present.”, I replied and pointed at the white and gray slug, with a blue belly painted with light purple stripes. She had light blue patches below her arms, and blue stripes at her back. Her peach antennae were followed by two peach stripes that were attached to her beautiful ice crystal. “And Arthur was found in the ruins of a historic building.”, I continued and pointed at the slug beside Glace. Arthur had a shiny metal armour that covered his antennae, belly and back. He also had two small metal plates between his green eyes and dark purple patches above his arms.

“Wow, you give your 
slugs' names?”, Eli asked, surprised to find someone besides him and his friends shared the same idea.

“All of them. That's 
how I bond with my slugs.”, I answered. Eli smiled, approving my idea.

“So, are you in a 
hurry, or should you be somewhere by now?”, he asked, not wanting to waste my time.

“Well, I am not going 
home yet, and I have nothing better to do.”, I replied and avoided his gaze.

“Well, you can come 
with us, and maybe we could hang out.”, Eli suggested. “We could use someone like you in the team. You were brave enough to stand up to a villain like Dr. Blakk.”, Eli praised me.

“Thank you. I never 
dueled with him before until just now.”, I said.

“Plus, we are tired 
from the ambush and it is better if we get to safety first.”, he added and checked his surroundings.

“Agree.”, I 

My Life in Slugterra - 1. New Ally
Summary: From a solo slinger, to an ally of the Shane Gang. Life is full of excitement and pain. Join me and my slugs as I learn to understand myself better, and reveal my deepest secrets, both bright and dark. Warning: Contains dark elements of family and relationships.

The story starts with friendship and teamwork. Then, it will go with many adventures, and some growing pains. Later it will include romance and many awkward moments. Don't worry, I will not fall in love with Eli. You will see who is my lover later on (it can be found in my gallery)

You can read the information of two fan-made slugs: Knighton and Hiverphin in Slugs Sketch 1 and 2. The information of my slugs are in My Slug Arsenal.

Slugterra belongs to Nerd Crops.
Slugterra Slugs Sketch 2 by truehero10
Slugterra Slugs Sketch 2
Part 2 of my sketch of slugs, and another fan made slug in the middle made by my best friend and I.

Name: Knighton
Famous slug: Arthur (One of my favourites)
Element: Metal
Rarity: Rare
Habitat: Ruins of historic buildings
Velocity: A Western dragon with a shiny armour and a belly full of bombs in the shape of little balls

Protoform Abilities - Shiny armour for protection, bombs at the back to scare off predators (like a peacock).
Clawslash - Sharp claws for painful slashing.
Bombardbay - Bombs at the belly fall off to give damage to opponents.
Lancesoar - Shoots lances from its mouth.
Armirror - Armour reflects light to temporarily blind its opponents.
Backfiregrab - Grabs a opponent/slug/object and throws it towards its opponent(s)

1. Knightons have shiny teeth that sometimes can temporarily blind anyone. Hence, Arthur takes pride on this characteristic.
2. Knightons shielded their eyes when reach velocity, and they use their sense of smell to detect their surroundings.
3. Their bombs look like eyeballs.
Slugterra Slugs Sketch 1 by truehero10
Slugterra Slugs Sketch 1
This is the first page of my sketch of a few slugs from Slugterra. This also includes a fan made slug made by my best friend and I, it is at the bottom left.

Name: Hiverphin
Famous slug: Glace (My favourite slug)
Element: Ice
Rarity: Extremely Rare
Habitat: Lakes that have their surfaces frozen whenever the constant snowstorms strike
Velocity: A dolphin with an indestructible spiky ice armour

Protoform Abilities - Can spout a small amount of freezing water and fast swimmer.
Icecannon - Curls into a ball and shoots icicles.
Ballbreaker - Curls into a spiky ball to smash through objects, leaving a trail of ice.
Chillwhack - Uses its spiky tail to whack its opponents.
Freezjet - Squirts a jet of freezing water that causes opponents to shiver non-stop.
Reality Vision - Ice crystal to see through illusions
Disillusionist - Shines its ice crystal to wear off illusions nearby.

1. Glace is a female Hiverphin, and she has eyelashes.
2. 'Hiver' means winter in French.
3. The ice crystal on its forehead is actually its third eye, which helps to see through illusions.
4. Hiverphins are the only slugs that have three eyes.


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My school counsellor said that 2013 is the year for all 15 years old students to make plans for the future, and I had made them. Some have accomplished, but some are just starting. However, this year, she said to us 16 years old students to take this year to do self-discovery. I have managed to complete this task and made improvements for myself.

Self-discovery is usually planned out after suffering confusion, and it may take quite a long period of time to finish the journey. For me, it came unexpectally and short. My self-discovery started with a spark of love and understanding relationships. I yearn for love and romance since I came from a broken home. But finding the right guy takes longer than I expected. I realize that you will eventually find the right person of your choice if you understand yourself better. As I had written in my last journal "Finding Love, Discovering Myself", I have 10 crushes, fictional or real, I group them together. I need to suffer many heartbreaks to finally understand the man of my choice. This journal is more detailed than the last one, and it talks the changes of me in many aspects.

This year it started better than last year. I was sent to the best class and nobody bullies me anymore. But then I suffered depression in March due to severe emotional problems and relationship issues. I used to be quiet when I was in primary school, but as a result I was constantly been bullied. To protect myself, I used anger to defend myself. Because of this, I became very hot-tempered and it is very difficult to control my temper. In mid-February, I kept getting angry for no reason, and this broke my friendship with a friend who used to sit next to me before our classroom was relocated. I had to admit, the unstable emotion was caused by my love-hate relationship with Jack Frost, and something about the shipping of Jack Frost and Elsa.

My unstable emotion caused everyone became scared of me and stayed away from me. Even giving teachers and family members terrible headaches. I refused to say the truth that led me to depression because nobody could fully understand my complicated problem, not even my family (they don't understand my relationship issues). I did talked about it to my friends but they couldn't help me too. I never wanted to talk about the shipping because I didn't want to hurt anyone who are supporters. I kept the problem to my heart and suffer depression. My studies are affected, my connection with people fell apart, and negative stuffs took over my mind. Pitch had me taken away from the Guardians, and turned me into a human nightmare that corrupts me and always tried to lead me to self-destruction. I used to have thoughts of commiting suicide, but my strong religious beliefs and fears stop me. Pitch must had been so mad because he wants the Guardians to suffer by feeling useless for unable to save the dying me who believe in them again since 14.

I cried for 2 months, despite I stopped this in May, but I still suffer depression. People didn't want to get along with me because they always saw me angry, but I was actually serious. EQ is more important than IQ, and that was a problem for an emotionally unstable person like myself. I hated all the boys and the couples in my school. I didn't love myself. I thought that no boys would ever like me because of my seemingly nerdy appearance and highly discipline personality. Well, the ROTG quizes of 'Which guardian are you?' state that Bunnymund likes me. I was like 'What?', and wonder why not Jack Frost. I swore to never loved again because it hurt me too much.

Suddenly, a good twist of fate came to me at the end of July, which was my birthday month. I have turned 16, and that month I wore my ruby necklace to protect myself. A sudden thought of checking out the news on Slugterra Facebook page led me to meet Junjie, and changes me forever. A week later my best friend and I realized that I have developed a huge crush on him. It was indeed love at first sight and it leads to curiousity. I wondered why I am so crazy on him, but not others. Then, compared the Shane Gang with the Guardians, I realized many similarities. Eli is Jack Frost; Kord is North; Trixie is Tooth; Pronto is Sandy; and Junjie is Bunnymund. I found out the fangirls of Jack Frost like his mischievous and rebellious yet caring and nice personality. This characteristic is shared by boys who have many fangirls, example: Eli, Wilbur Robinson, Randy Cunningham, and more.

Putting the pieces together led me to realize: I NEVER loved Jack Frost. It was the peer pressure from his fangirls caused me to accept him and break my own heart. Shame on me. He is NOT my type, and why should I follow others to accept him? When I said this everyone weirds out. This is me, and I stand on my ground. I make my own decisions in my life! So now I said: Almost every girl in the world goes crazy on Jack Frost, but I go crazy on a completely different person.

After Junjie entered my life, I went to discover myself deeper, and changed myself. I can control my temper now, and I can smile again. I can get along with people now and they like to get along with me. I reconceiled my friendship with the friend that I have mentioned above. I no longer have hatred on people and I am more positive now. To my surprise, it seems all of my friends approve of Junjie and think we should be together. Awkward yet adorable... :XD:

I am now a better person and I am extremely grateful of Junjie being my motivation (and such a wonderful lover~ :blush: :giggle:) If it wasn't for him, I would never be here. Thank you for being with me in these few months, I wouldn't have gone that far without you. :'') And I love you. Wait, what?! //slapped (I really need to get used to this feeling)


Wen Jing
:bulletred: I'm just a teenager
:bulletorange: I'm female ;)
:bulletyellow: Birthday at 17 of July (they become my lucky numbers) :D
:bulletgreen: Want to be an author
:bulletblue: I'm Chinese and Bhuddist (Although everyone thought I'm Christian) :XD:
:bulletpurple: I'm Cancer (Horoscope), Ruby (Birthstone), Tiger (Zodiac)

:bulletpink: I'm meticulous about a lot of things.
:bulletblack: I'm averse to doing dangerous things.
:bulletwhite: Sometimes, I'm wary of doing things that I never tried.
:bulletred: I'm engrossed in reading, drawing, writing stories & poems, watching TV, Internet and travelling.
:bulletorange: I like badminton.
:bulletyellow: I like quite a lot of cartoons

~Write stories and draw awesome fanarts!
~Travel around the world!
~Gain knowledge!

~BEING DIRTY! Dirty stuffs!

Afraid of:
~Heights (Acrophobia)
~Spiders (Arachnophobia)
~Noise (Acousticophobia)
~The sound of the balloon explode (Ligyrophobia)

Friends on deviantART:
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