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My Life in Slugterra - 16 (Part 2)
Chapter 16: The Princess Appears (Part 2)
When the question session was over, we drove to the Shane Hideout. During the journey, I could not stop looking at Junjie, who was amazed at everything he saw. I found him adorable like that. I found him adorable like that. Meanwhile, the Shane Gang started to ask Khai tons of questions like paparazzi. I explained to them to save her from this troublesome situation. We parked our vehicles in the garage and I was relieved that all of our seven mecha-beasts were able to fit in. Later, we entered the living room and we sat down.
“Okay, Wen Jing. Tell us the truth,” Eli sounded like he was demanding me.
I took a deep breath and started to tell the truth. “Okay, remember that I told you that I'm from the Surface? That's true but... I didn't tell you the entire story. My family and I were from an Eastern country, that's why, Eli, that I said I came from a place far, far away from yours, and this is why we never met each
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Team Phoenix - 3
“A warm heart is one of the things I need to fight the cold.” - Dong Song

Dong Song to the Rescue

Wei Cheng walked on the snowy ground. He was in a northern frozen cavern. He was glad that there was no snowstorm right now so he could visit his best friend easier. He finally noticed an igloo with a white wolverine mecha-beast parked outside of it. He walked to the front door.
“Dong Song?” he called out.
A boy in his twenties, known as Dong Song, came out of the igloo. He had short white hair, a pair of light brown eyes, a slightly pale skin and a height obviously shorter than Wei Cheng. He wore a charcoal black armour with the white thick fur of an Ice Ogre covering outside, a silver belt, a pair of black gloves. A bandolier was strapped on his chest, carrying 3 slug tubes. Another bandolier was strapped around his waist as a belt, where both sides contained 6 slug tubes each. There was a bow blaster that was similar to Gerhard Stocker's blaster st
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Team Phoenix - 2
"It may be a myth, but I will find out the truth." - Wei Cheng
Wei Cheng's New Finding
A man, who was in his early thirties, walked across a valley, looking for something. He had short black hair, a pair of brown eyes, and a slightly tanned skin. He wore a grey armour, a blue scarf that was tied around his neck like a scout, a gold belt, a pair of dark blue knee pads and gloves. A bandolier was strapped on his chest, carrying 5 slug tubes. Another bandolier was strapped around his waist as a belt, where both sides contained 6 slug tubes each. There were two X-Duty Takedown blasters strapped on his belt. His brownish-red horse mecha-beast was walking slowly.
“I am sure this is the right place,” he murmured to himself and he examined the map of the Eastern Caverns carefully. Then, he took out his journal and opened it. Inside the book, there were many scribbles and writings about caverns, inhabitants, slugs and characteristics. He flipped to the last page, where
:icontruehero10:truehero10 1 5
My Life in Slugterra - 18 (Part 2)
Chapter 18: Magical History (Part 2)
When lunch was done and the dining table was cleaned, I was left with my friends in the dining room. Aunt Swien had gone to help Grandmother Lian upstairs. Grandfather Loong went for a bath while Aunt Agnes went to wash the dishes in the kitchen. The table in the living room was cleared now and the slugs of the Shane Gang were back to their respective owners. Khai's slugs led Fairy and Reiki, who was riding on her back, into their owner's room and they took a nap. My slugs were now in my room, except for Glace, who was with me.
All of a sudden, a female voice greeted us. “Hello there.”
We turned to see a teenager, who wore a scarlet t-shirt with a picture of an Infurnus on the center, orange jacket, orange mini-skirt, two scarlet bracelets on both of her wrists, light red anklet on her left ankle, and dark red ankle boots. Her long hair was scarlet with hot pink steaks all over and it was waist-length. Her skin tone was scarlet an
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My Life in Slugterra - 18 (Part 1)
Chapter 18: Magical History (Part 1)
We left my cavern and walked to the nearest field we could find. The field was empty with people. Trees stood high up with branches stretching out. A patch of overgrown grass swayed in the breeze.
“This is the place,” I announced.
The boys placed the boxes carefully on the lushly green field. I opened the small rectangular box which Eli had carried. There were a few string of ropes and a roll of tape inside it.
“Eli, can you open the large box that Kord just carried?” I asked as I took out a long string of rope and the tape.
“Okay,” Eli replied and opened the large box. There were a few glass bottles and plastic bottles inside.
“Alright,” I blurted out and pulled the tape. I spun the rope around the neck of the bottles and tied a knot. Then, I stuck the tape around the rope firmly. Zhuazhua, my Thresher slug sliced the excess tape with his teeth.
“Alright, Arachne, tie them up,” I co
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Ejen Ali Fanart (Completed) by truehero10 Ejen Ali Fanart (Completed) :icontruehero10:truehero10 12 3 Ejen Ali Fanart Lineout by truehero10 Ejen Ali Fanart Lineout :icontruehero10:truehero10 4 3
Special Slugterra April Fools' Day
It was a fine day in the Shane Hideout... or as you think. The peaceful morning was broken by a high pitched shriek from a teenage girl.
It was Khai's voice. I woke up immediately, only to find Junjie was beside me on my bed, who just opened his eyes due to the shriek.
“What the- JUNJIE!!!” I yelled and pushed him off of me. I had no idea how he entered my room last night.
Junjie, just like me, was surprised to see me on the bed. “Wen Jing? What happened? Why am I in your bedroom?” he asked.
“Ask yourself! You sneaked into my room?!” I answered back angrily. My cheeks turned pink because I was embarrassed to see him on my bed.
“Forgive me, Wen Jing. I have no idea how I got here. I will leave now,” he apologized as he opened the door to leave.
“You can't be drunk last night, right?” I questioned when I approached the door. That was when we saw Khai, who was outside her room and she looked v
:icontruehero10:truehero10 5 0
Team Phoenix - Prologue
“Blossoms wilt and died,
Light be confined by dark;
Fallen the Dragon has,
And rise the power of evil.

Rust the shine of glory,
Beauty and morals to dust;
Deepen the bitter war has,
With conflict that never ends.

Lost the hope has not,
On the ashes of his heroism;
A spark ignites his ashes,
Gives birth to the Phoenix.

A fiery heart she has,
With wings spread to fly;
Great potential she possesses,
Rises stronger from every fall.

Hidden power and vigor in name,
Recalled the Dragon will be;
Unite to bring balance to Slug Fu,
Overthrown the Emperor will be.”
Had you ever heard about this poem? Or maybe the Mandarin version of it?
:icontruehero10:truehero10 1 8
Slugslinger's Code
Article 1: A slugslinger should not treat slugs as merely ammunition.
Article 2: A slugslinger should not take advantage of slugs to perform illegal actions.
Article 3: A slugslinger should understand the importance of slugs and slug energy to all living things and to Slugterra.
Article 4: A slugslinger should not corrupt slugs into ghouls with the exception of being in the Deep Caverns.
Article 5: A slugslinger should not damage or destroy any habitat for slugs.
Article 6: A slugslinger should keep an eye on a slug's health and well-being.
Article 7: A slugslinger should not leave his or her slugs to starve and/or thirst.
Article 8: A slugslinger should not enslave slugs for his or her own purposes.
Article 9: A slugslinger should not torture slugs physically, mentally or emotionally by any means and degree.
Article 10: A slugslinger should not discriminate on the ground of slug species.
Article 11: A slugslinger should respect all the slugs regardless of species, breed, gender, power
:icontruehero10:truehero10 2 2
Mature content
Special Slugterra Valentine's Day :icontruehero10:truehero10 2 0
My Life in Slugterra - 17
Chapter 17: Forgiveness as Second Chance
I thought I fell asleep around 3 am, but I only slept for 4 hours. When I gave up sleeping, I got up from my bed. I washed myself up with cold water and changed into my armour. I grabbed my gear and called upon my slugs. We went downstairs and I grabbed some chocolate chips cookies for a snack. I gave some Slug Food for my slugs for their breakfast. Later, we went out of my house and walked toward the entrance to my cavern. The shops and restaurants were opening for business. When I walked out of my cavern entrance, I noticed Khai was training along with her slugs. 
“That's quite awesome, Khai,” I praised her when she finished her training.
“Hehe, thank you, Wen-Wen,” Khai answered shyly. She gave me that nickname when we started getting along.
“Sorry for not talking to you these days. I am... quite busy for applying the final touches for my latest project,” I apologized.
“That's okay,”
:icontruehero10:truehero10 1 2
My Life in Slugterra - 16 (Part 1)
Chapter 16: The Princess Appears (Part 1)
I got close to the unconscious Dark Slinger. I thought about his voice and I realized it actually belonged to the Goon. The Goon was doing something to Eli, and from my dream, he was ghouled. I looked at the ghoulish slinger closely. If this was what the Goon did to him, which would mean the Goon was the real villain and he was a victim. Somehow, I thought about the Infurnus.
“Look! He wields the Infurnus! That must be him!” a marauder exclaimed before he retreated to The End.
“You wield the Infurnus. You are the protector of these caverns?” the Dark Slinger asked Eli.

So the Infurnus was the symbol of the protector of Slugterra. Eli Shane had one. The Dark Slinger had the other one. So that meant...
No. It could not be.
The protector was dead. My master told me that he was killed. Everyone in my cavern said the same thing to me. He could not be alive.
The Goon must have used this slinger to kill him and
:icontruehero10:truehero10 1 8
First Anniversary by truehero10 First Anniversary :icontruehero10:truehero10 5 7
My Life in Slugterra - 15
Chapter 15: Confronting the Past
I heard a beeping sound from Trixie's belt. She opened the flat touchscreen desktop. “Getaway Cavern says they are under attacked by strange marauders,” Trixie reported.
Then, a masked man immediately shot a ghoul toward the Shane Gang and I. The man somehow looked familiar.
“They got ghouls!” Eli yelled.
“But how?” Kord asked as we took cover behind some rocks. “Doc cured the last ones Blakk made months ago.”
“They're heading back the way they came. To the east,” the King of Sling told us.
We rode our mecha-beasts to The End. “Behold, the end of the 99 Caverns. The end of the known world,” Pronto announced.
We spotted a person emerged from a terraportal. He was riding on his mecha-beast. “Is that... Dr. Blakk?” Eli asked.
“No, it's not,” Trixie answered after she looked through her binoculars to examine the person.
“This guy looks like he might
:icontruehero10:truehero10 1 5
My Life in Slugterra - 14
Chapter 14: Victim of Depression
I could see many people in my cavern were visiting Master Wu's little hut. Their faces were full of sorrow and worry. I knew why: Master Wu was ill.
It was predictable because Master Wu was getting older. However, I could not believe that this day would come. I remembered the time when I risked my life to save him from an unbeatable ghoul slinger. I could not bear to lose him and we nearly died. Thank goodness the Shadow Clans helped us to escape by transporting us to a safe place.
“Wen Jing!” I turned to the source of the call. It was a man carrying his little daughter. “Master Wu wants to see you.”
I walked to the hut and entered through the front door. The living room was neat and tidy. It was decorated to look like a traditional Chinese room. I walked along the corridor and found his bedroom. I knocked on the door gently.
“Come in,” a weak voice called out. I turned the doorknob and opened the wooden door.
:icontruehero10:truehero10 1 3
All my drawing, photos, pictures and stories store in here!

Enjoy! :iconimwinkingplz:

:iconreadcplz1: :iconreadcplz2: :iconreadcplz3:


A Love of the Coast by ElVis002 A Love of the Coast :iconelvis002:ElVis002 5 3 Cheerleader Trixie by ElVis002 Cheerleader Trixie :iconelvis002:ElVis002 6 6 Deep Sadness by ElVis002 Deep Sadness :iconelvis002:ElVis002 7 6 Do It For Him~ by eli-shaanne Do It For Him~ :iconeli-shaanne:eli-shaanne 9 0 Started from the Bottom~ by eli-shaanne Started from the Bottom~ :iconeli-shaanne:eli-shaanne 5 2 1-800-SHANE-GANG by eli-shaanne 1-800-SHANE-GANG :iconeli-shaanne:eli-shaanne 2 2 Burpy drawing~ by eli-shaanne Burpy drawing~ :iconeli-shaanne:eli-shaanne 4 0 Bad Blood Bella by eli-shaanne Bad Blood Bella :iconeli-shaanne:eli-shaanne 3 12 Brick and Maggie by eli-shaanne Brick and Maggie :iconeli-shaanne:eli-shaanne 2 4 Wonder Brick by eli-shaanne Wonder Brick :iconeli-shaanne:eli-shaanne 2 0 Brick's (actual) evolution (2011-now) by eli-shaanne Brick's (actual) evolution (2011-now) :iconeli-shaanne:eli-shaanne 5 0 wen jing aka this asian goddess by eli-shaanne wen jing aka this asian goddess :iconeli-shaanne:eli-shaanne 2 2 Spirited Away by Qinni Spirited Away :iconqinni:Qinni 7,230 172 Wonder Woman by eli-shaanne Wonder Woman :iconeli-shaanne:eli-shaanne 4 0 why do i see Tarung as this face by DiamondShine107 why do i see Tarung as this face :icondiamondshine107:DiamondShine107 34 6 Boboiboy Blaze by Shanaki97 Boboiboy Blaze :iconshanaki97:Shanaki97 18 0
Just all my favourite stuffs... Terbaik! Awesome! :D




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This meme was stolen from :icontom-masons-admirer:


[X] You love hoodies

[X] You love jeans

[ ] Dogs are better than cats

[/] It's hilarious when people get hurt and fall
- Slapstick is okay.

[X] You've played with/against boys on a team

[/] Shopping is torture
- Sometimes, except when shopping for books!

[/] Sad movies suck
- Some of them, but Inside Out is great!

[ ] You own a XBOX
- I don't play video games.

[X] You played with Hot Wheels as a little kid
- I have a few of the toy car models.

[ ] At some point in life you wanted to be a firefighter

[ ] You owned a DS, PS2 or Sega

[ ] You used to be obsessed with Power Rangers

[ ] You watch sports on TV

[ ] Gory movies are cool

[/] You used to go to your dad for advice

[ ] You have at least 1 trophy of a sport
- Nah, mainly science, computer, and academic achievement

[ ] You used to play Yu-Gi-Oh

[/] Baggy sweat pants are nice to wear
- Sometimes

[ ] It's kind of weird to have sleepovers with a bunch of people

[X] green, black, red, blue, or silver are one of your favorite colors
- They are my favourites, including purple!

[/] You love to go crazy and not care what other people think
- Sometimes

[/] Sports are fun
- Depends

[ ] You sometimes talk with food in your mouth

[ ] You sleep at night with your socks on

[ ] You have fished at least once

TOTAL = 8.5


[ ] You like to shop

[ ] You wear eyeliner

[X] You wear the color pink

[/] You go to your mom for advice

[ ] You consider cheerleading a sport

[ ] You hate wearing all black

[/] You like going to the mall

[ ] You like getting manicures and/or pedicures

[X] You like wearing jewelry

[ ] You cried watching The Notebook
- What is that?

[ ] Skirts are a big parts of your wardrobe

[ ] Shopping is one of your favorite hobbies

[ ] You don't like the movie Star Wars
- I love Episode 7!

[ ] You are/were in gymnastics

[ ] It takes you around one hour to shower and get dressed

[/] You smile a lot more than you should

[ ] You have more than 10 pairs of shoes

[ ] You care about what you look like majority of the time

[X] You like wearing dresses

[/] You like wearing body spray/deodorant
- Sometimes

[/] You like high heel shoes

[X] You used to play with dolls as a kid

[ ] You like putting makeup on others

[ ] You like being the star of almost everything

TOTAL: 6.5

A female, but slightly boyish. Nice.


Wong Wen Jing
:bulletred: I'm just a teenager
:bulletorange: I'm female ;)
:bulletyellow: Birthday at 17 of July (they become my lucky numbers) :D
:bulletgreen: Want to be an author
:bulletblue: I'm Chinese and Bhuddist (Although everyone thought I'm Christian) :XD:
:bulletpurple: I'm Cancer (Horoscope), Ruby (Birthstone), Tiger (Zodiac)

:bulletpink: I'm meticulous about a lot of things.
:bulletblack: I'm averse to doing dangerous things.
:bulletwhite: Sometimes, I'm wary of doing things that I never tried.
:bulletred: I'm engrossed in reading, drawing, writing stories & poems, watching TV, Internet and travelling.
:bulletorange: I like badminton.
:bulletyellow: I like quite a lot of cartoons

~Write stories and draw awesome fanarts!
~Travel around the world!
~Gain knowledge!

~BEING DIRTY! Dirty stuffs!

Afraid of:
~Heights (Acrophobia)
~Spiders (Arachnophobia)
~Noise (Acousticophobia)
~The sound of the balloon explode (Ligyrophobia)

Friends on deviantART:
:iconryocutema: :iconariieya: :iconfia-v98: :iconblackkenzaki: :iconchibichibiichigo: :iconmaxvel33: :iconartdeeb96: :iconfizzle-knight: :iconmay-tsukiko: :iconartdeeb96: :iconanakathewolf: :iconkittykaina: :iconleanne088:

I watch:
:icon4eknight11: :iconcheshirep: :iconkapaychan: :iconblackkenzaki: :iconleanne088:


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