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All my drawing, photos, pictures and stories store in here!

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Myself as the Dark Slinger Coloured Version by truehero10
Myself as the Dark Slinger Coloured Version
So this is the coloured version, special for Halloween~ :evillaugh: Man, do I look like a vampire?

I drew this for an upcoming chapter for my Slugterra fanfiction "My Life in Slugterra". The Goon, Dr. Blakk and the Dark Bains terrorized my home cavern, and I sprang into action. Dr. Blakk revealed that he wanted revenge on me. When I used a little Slug Fu against his ghoul slugs, the Goon realized that I had a connection with Junjie. He told Dr. Blakk to shoot him at me. I was struck and fell into a coma. Glace and Aloe, who managed to escape went to get help from the Shane Gang. The Goon hacked into my memories and read my mind. He found out that I had a huge crush on Junjie. When the Shane Gang arrived, the Goon had managed to mind-control me. I became the Dark Slinger and used ghouls against the heroes. Junjie ordered the Goon to let go of me, and the Goon revealed that he was using me as a bait because he knew Junjie would never hurt his student. To make matters worse, the Goon told Junjie everything about my deep feelings for him.

How will Junjie react to it? What about the Shane Gang? Will I be rescue before it is too late? Who is going to save me?

Slugterra belongs to Nerd Corps.
Myself as the Dark Slinger by truehero10
Myself as the Dark Slinger
A simple sketch of myself as the Dark Slinger for a chapter in my fanfiction.

Chapter 4: Bullying Factor

I was riding on my mecha-beast with the Shane Gang after accomplishing a mission. It was tough, but we managed to win the duel. Those ghoul slugs were difficult to beat.

“Hey Wen Jing, you 
said you never dueled with Dr. Blakk before until you saved us, but how come your slugs are skillful enough to deal with the ghoul slugs?”, Eli asked.

“Well, my slugs always train themselves to be better. They are usually able to predict their opponents' moves and quick to counter their attacks.”, I answered and looked down at Glace, Arthur, Cacodemon and Aloe, who were in their slug containers on my bandolier that was strapped on my chest.

I had encountered ghouls 
before. Ever since then my slugs are more serious to deal with them, especially poor Aloe. I thought.

“It seems that your 
slugs really love to fight.”, Eli remarked.

“I think so.”, I replied and avoided his gaze.

We took a turn and then 
something unexpected happened: the Shane Gang encountered the HooliGang for the third time.

“Shane?”, Billy, 
the leader of the HooliGang, hissed.

“Billy?”, Eli 
asked in disbelief. He quickly took his blaster and aimed at him.

“We met for the third time, Shane.”, Billy hissed as he aimed his blaster at the protector of the 99 Caverns. “Last time we were humiliated in the video on the Slugnet, and we want payback!”, he added.

“Oh come on, Billy! At 
least you became a star for a while.”, Trixie explained.

“Yeah right, more like making us look dumb!”, he retorted.

I knew who the HooliGang 
were. They used to work for Dr. Blakk and wreck havoc in Quiet Lawn Cavern. The Shane Gang came in and Eli easily defeated Billy in their first duel in spite of Eli's severely damaged blaster. What angered me the most was when Billy tried to kill Doc, thinking he was useless. That part made Aloe growled angrily and she really wanted Billy to be covered in bruises for trying to harm her lover. Luckily Eli was there to save his life and let him joined the team. After Burpy managed to defeat the HooliGang, they retreated and returned with ghoul slugs given by Dr. Blakk. However, the Shane Gang managed to defeat them again with some teamwork and Doc's healing power. They were fired by Dr. Blakk and they dueled with the heroes again when they were in a theater. Trixie once showed me her video of the HooliGang in action. I found it very funny, especially at the end when she tricked them into getting close to a Slyren slug, which then proceeded to put them to sleep.

“Hey, I know you.”, Billy said and I realized that he had noticed me. “You are the four eyes girl in the Slugnet! I have watched the video that you defeated the Shane with only one shot.”, he added in a nasty tone. I resisted my temper.

“So you have seen it, 
blondie.”, I replied with the lack of respect.

“Totally! And I think 
it is nothing more than a piece of junk! You were just faking and Eli Shane was only letting you win so you won't get humiliated on the net.”, Billy said loudly.

“Oh she's not faking, 
alright! She even took me down with only one shot!”, Kord protested.

“Pronto agrees. She 
even gave me a taste of my stinker slug too! And it was horrible!”, Pronto added.

“Yeah, not even I 
could defeat her!”, Trixie exclaimed.

“You don't want to 
mess with her, Billy. I warn you, she can really take you down at least one shot.”, Eli tried to warn Billy but to no avail.

“Yeah right, you guys 
are just trying to scare us. I don't think she could even sling a slug against anyone. She is small and weak. And as a nerd, she can only study slugs for her own useless knowledge.”, Billy insulted.

Those words were like knives 
that stabbed at my heart. I could not hold back my rage anymore.

“THAT'S IT!”, I 
yelled angrily, startling everyone. “If that's how you think of me, I am SO NOT COOL WITH IT!”, I raised my voice as I jumped down from my mecha-beast and approached the rude blonde boy. I activated my right hand blaster. The lid popped up and shiny blades that were attached to it came out. I used them to point directly at Billy's chin. “If you want to duel with me, then fine, I accept your challenge.”, I lowered my voice into a threatening tone.

The Shane Gang looked at me 
in horror, while Billy smirked. “Well, someone's talking. I will like to see you pounded to the ground and cried like a baby.”, he said nastily as he walked toward his friends, Shorty and Glasses.

“Whoa, whoa. You 
really wanted to duel with him?”, Kord asked me concernedly.

“I have been bullied for the rest of my life. I want revenge.”, I answered angrily.

“Don't worry, Wen Jing. We got your back. If anything goes wrong, we will help you.”, Eli comforted.

“Thanks Eli.”, I 
said and went to rearrange my slug containers for the duel.

I took a closer look at the slug arsenal of the HooliGang. They owned many Hop Rocks, some Flaringos, Rammstones and Frostcrawlers, along with a few uncommon slugs.

I took the slug container 
with Aloe out of my bandolier that was strapped on my chest. “I'm sorry, Aloe. I can't use you in this duel. They don't use ghouls. I hope you understand.”, I said to her. Aloe pulled out a sad face first, but then nodded. She hopped out of her slug container and was replaced with Shuizhu, my AquaBeek. Aloe entered another slug container and I put her into my backpack. I turned to my bandolier that was strapped around my waist. I chose Diandian, Jinjin, Bingbing, Gongyang, Arachne, Tengteng, Juetu and Zuanshi to use in the duel. I checked at my remaining 22 slugs in my backpack. “Ready, guys?”, I asked them and they nodded.

Billy and I walked toward a clear space for the duel. Shorty and Glasses followed Billy, while the Shane Gang followed me. Billy and I stood in our positions, ready for the duel.

“Let's see how you can 
beat my Flaringo.”, Billy said as he loaded his Flaringo into his blaster.

“Then let's see 
whether I can try.”, I replied as I loaded Shuizhu into my right hand blaster. I also loaded Arachne into my left hand blaster.

“Ready? Duel!”, 
he shouted and shot his Flaringo. It transformed into a bass covered with flames. I shot Shuizhu and she transformed into a dolphin with tentacles of an octopus. She used Aquajet and squirted a jet of water like a fire hose toward the Flaringo. The water immediately put out the fire of the Flaringo, defeating it. The water also pushed Billy backwards with great force.

Billy quickly stood up and 
fired his Rammstone toward me. It transformed into a red ram with giant blue horns and fists. I quickly shot Arachne and she transformed into a giant purple spider. She used Flashnet and spun a big net like web. She used it to wrapped up the Rammstone and disabled it. They fell to the ground.

growled and he shot his Lavalynx. It transformed to look like an Armashelt in velocity but without the pincers. The Shane Gang looked at horror. Eli remembered that how dangerous could a Lavalynx be.

quickly loaded Zuanshi and shot her to the ground. The yellow cute slug with a light green back that was covered in pastel green crystals, transformed into a larger, more vicious-looking version of herself. She used Domenator and created a nearly impervious crystal dome of protection around me. The crystal dome was fully created just in time before it collided with the Lavalynx. The lava caused no damage to the dome. Billy was confused.

Come out, scary cat! I haven't finish you yet!”, Billy shouted and shot a Hop Rock toward the dome. The explosion did not damage it. Billy became frustrated and shot another Hop Rock toward it. He tried to destroy the dome but to no avail.

in the crystal dome, I loaded my Diggrix, Juetu into my right hand blaster. I shot him and he transformed into a yellow four hands creature with a blue armour covered with rocks. He used Trenchwar and dug along the surface. I ran along the tunnel that he created as I loaded Arthur into my right hand blaster.

Shane Gang noticed the long trench forming across the ground. The HooliGang, however, did not notice it as they were too busy shooting slugs toward my crystal dome. Juetu dug up the ground and hopped out of the hole. He turned back into his protoform when he landed on the ground. I took a peak around the surroundings and came out when it was safe.

turned around and saw me behind him and his friends in a distance. “Get her!”, he ordered his friends. Shorty and Glasses shot their Hop Rocks toward me, while I shot Arthur to counter their attacks. Htransformed a western dragon wearing a shining armour, and his eyes were shielded with metal. Arthur detected the incoming Hop Rocks and he moved upwards, avoiding them before a collision could form. Then, using Backfiregrabhe used his sharp claws to grab the tails of the Hop Rocks, and threw them toward Shorty and Glasses. The Hop Rocks collided with their slingers, knocking them off the ground. Arthur continued to fly toward the HooliGang and used Bombardbay against them. The eyeball liked bombs at his belly fell off directly toward them. An explosion occurred and could be seen afar. When the smoke cleared out, the Shane Gang and I saw the dazed Shorty and Glasses who then collapsed to the ground. Billy was still standing.

We are not finish, nerd girl!”, he shouted. “I still have one more Hop Rock.”, he added and pointed his blaster at me.

Take your best shot, blondie!”, I yelled back and loaded Glace into my right hand blaster.

shot his last Hop Rock toward me and it transformed. I shot Glace and she transformed into a white and gray dolphin with an indestructible spiky ice armour. She used Chillwhack and used the spiky ball on the tip of her tail to whack the incoming Hop Rock. Then, she used Freezjet and squirted a jet of freezing water toward Billy. The freezing water pushed Billy backwards with great force, and sending him into a non-stop shiver.

and Glasses woke up and saw their leader, who was shivering non-stop. “Don't... just... stand there... pull... me... up!”, he ordered in between shivers. They turned to look at me when they heard a slug fired. I fired Cacodemon and he transformed into an appearance of a hideous zombie. He activated Frightningrod and hit the HooliGang. The overwhelming, uncontrollable fright response was gaining effect on them. I approached them and growled at them. They screamed in horror. Shorty and Glasses pulled Billy away forcefully from me as they all tried to get away from me. shot my Vinedrill, Tengteng and he collided with the ground. He used Tendrella and vines grew from where he had hit. The vines bound the HooliGang and tossed them afar. They shouted before bangs were heard from afar.

They will be fine, just plenty of pain.”, I said.

slugs hopped back to me, happy of their victory. “Amazing work, guys!”, I praised my slugs as I deactivated my blasters. I grabbed the empty slug containers from my bandoliers one by one. My slugs hopped into the slug containers and I placed them back to their original positions.

You are amazing back there, Wen Jing! That shows some guts!”, Eli praised.

Yup, and I got it all in my camera.”, Trixie said and she stopped the recording. “I can't wait to see how people think once I post this on the Slugnet.”, she added excitedly.

Uh, Wen Jing, when you said that you had been bullied for the rest of your life and wanted revenge, is that related to your past?”, Eli asked.

was always been bullied ever since I was young. Back at the Surface, I was constantly been bullied by my classmates, and many people. Then, I switched to use anger instead of tears to protect myself, and that's why I became very hot-tempered.”, I explained quietly.

Sounds like you have a temper similar to a cave troll rage.”, Kord commented.

Yeah. I am trying to control my temper but it is not easy. I still get bullied even though I am living here now.”, I said.

I'm sorry.”, Eli apologized.

That's okay. Perhaps we do know how that feels like.”, I replied sadly.

So, with your slugslinging skills, you can duel with your bullies, right?”, Trixie asked.

Yes, and I really want to see them covered  in black eyes, bleeding cuts and bruises for what they have done to me, no matter where they are, from the Surface or Slugterra!”, I said angrily. The Shane Gang gave me awkward and horrified stares. “Um, sorry about my violent thinking. I just got too enraged with it.”, I coughed and apologized.

was better when I was living in my second home. Now everything is a mess. I thought.

My Life in Slugterra - 4. Bullying Factor
Chapter 4, and now it's time for more battles. Warning: More dark elements are revealed.

It is an irony that Aloe has a violent mind despite she is a healer slug. :XD: And about the bullying and the temper were true to me, but now I no longer get bullied and I am not hot-tempered anymore.

And again the thoughts, more clues are revealed.

Slugterra belongs to Nerd Corps.
Myself in Slugterra Coloured Version by truehero10
Myself in Slugterra Coloured Version
This is the coloured version of me in Slugterra.

Name: Wen Jing (My name)
Age: 16
Birthday: July 17
Race: Human (Chinese)
Occupation: Slugslinger
Home: The Surface (Formerly), Eastern Realms (Formerly), Slugterra or the 99 Caverns
Gender: Female
Hair colour: Black / Dark brown
Eye colour: Black / Dark brown
Skin colour: Yellowish brown


I used to live at the Surface with my family, but life was not as good as you thought. I came from a broken home, and I was raised by my two aunts. I didn't know much of my parents, and the only family I knew were my three aunts, my uncle, my grandparents, and my two older cousins. My family had a secret passage to get to Slugterra thanks to my successful and wealthy uncle. We went down, believing life would be better there compared to the Surface. Since I lived in an Asian country, the underground world we arrived was called the Eastern Realms. We sealed the passage once we arrived.

My family and I lived in a peaceful cavern, where the people were friendly and crime rate was low. I studied the slugs and caverns once I came down. Almost all of my family members went into business. Besides being persuaded to work in the law and literature fields, all I wanted was to be a slugslinger. Most of them forbade me to sling slugs because they were very worried about my safety. The problem was solved when I obtained a Boon Doc. Later, my family bought me blasters, armour and a mecha-beast.

Strangely, I never met Junjie before. The reason was my introvert personality and the peaceful environment. I only heard about him from my friends. Life in the Eastern Realms was better than at the Surface, until the Goon came to conquer our world. I obtained news about the threat from some highly intellectual allies. They told everyone in our cavern to evacuate immediately. When the Goon came with his army, I defended my home but to no avail. I retreated and returned safely. The allies opened a terraportal and ordered us to reach the other side. Before I left, I took a last peak at the Dark Slinger and found my mind has gone wrong.

We managed to reach to the 99 Caverns and found a cavern quite far from civilization as our new home. We still live peacefully although at times we needed to defend it against Dr. Blakk and other villains. I refused to reveal my true origin to anyone for safety precaution. Unfortunately, life in my new home was as terrible as my life at the Surface. I was bullied and picked on by many people because of my seemingly nerdy appearance and highly disciplined personality. I could only feel better when I stay at home, with slugs, or with the Shane Gang. I revealed myself to be another person from the Surface when Eli revealed his true origin.

I love adventures, but just like Pronto, I prefer safer ones. I have some adventures with the Shane Gang, but mostly in my home cavern. I finally got used to danger because of my well-trained slugs. My inexperience of family love led me to yearn for romance. However, no matter where am I, it seemed that nobody would ever love me, so I experienced many heartbreaks. I fell into depression and swore to never loved again but only slugs.

However, I was enchanted to meet Junjie when I first saw him with the Shane Gang. He recognized me and identified me as a resident of his home through my name, appearance and blasters. I revealed my actual history to the Shane Gang and took them to my cavern to spend there for a day. It wasn't long for me to realize that I have developed a huge crush on Junjie. He is the one who changed me for a better. I admit that I actually had fallen for him when he was the Dark Slinger, I just didn't want to talk about it because who would ever fall for a villain. Currently, I am training with my slugs in the art of Slug Fu with Junjie.


All my slugs are from the Eastern Realms. I have collected roughly 34 slugs. I train my slugs well, and they are independent and disciplined. They always prepare themselves before going out or dueling. They gain experiences and even train themselves to be better. Just like Junjie, I tend to study their powers first and properly train them before using them. I am cautious and only use the newly obtained slugs if I already knew their abilities (in emergency), but I also trust them if they know what they can do or what they are doing. I also plan my strategies well. I named most of my slugs using my mother tongue, which is Mandarin Chinese. I also named my slugs according to their appearances, powers and abilities.

Let's play a game: Below is the list of my slugs according to the time period of each slug joined my arsenal (from left to right). Can you guess each of their breeds? (Note: Glace and Arthur are fan-made slugs, so just guess their elements.) If you can't guess it, then try to guess their elements (Fire, water, earth, metal, toxic, plant, electricity, ice, light, air, psychic, other). Take note: some names have hidden meanings.

Glace, Huohuo, Runhua, Baozhu, Yanyan, Arthur, Diandian, Gongyang, Huangli, Cacodemon, Xiangmao, Jinjin, Shanshuo, Arachne, Bingbing, Taifeng, Xiaojian, Aloe, Tengteng, Athena, Paomo, Xiaosheng, Rongyan, Xizi, Zhuazhua, Shuizhu, Guodong, Jingxi, Liusha, Juetu, Aoxiang, Zuanshi, Cibao, Dandan

Mega morphs: Glace, Arthur, Cacodemon, Aloe, Baozhu, Huohuo, Diandian, Jinjin, Gongyang, Arachne, Bingbing, Taifeng.

Know Slug Fu: Glace, Arthur, Aloe, Gongyang, Jinjin.

Comment your answers and I will send you the link about my arsenal. The slugs in the link is placed in a different order so you may need to take some time to read it.

Blaster: Hand blasters from the Eastern Realms. They are made of light and strong materials so I can handle the mass, and the blasters can shoot slugs even with the most powerful slug energy. The blasters are smaller than Junjie's and they are red. Sometimes I use them as blades for threatening purpose.

Mecha-Beast: A PT-JSONI model. It resembles a Malayan tiger, and it is orange with black stripes. I nicknamed it 'Xiaohu'. Its Chinese name is “小虎”, which means 'little tiger'. It is built for speed and maneuverability. It has some upgrades and modifications provided by Kord. It has an aquatic mode, a gilder mode, and a go-kart mode.

Armour: Made completely out of silk for better protection and comfort. Metal plates on knees. Wear autumn leather boots and a black scarf for warmth, comfort and elegance. Armour has hints of Chinese culture (Chinese plum blossom patterns), which is my culture. Have two bandoliers, one is strapped on my chest (can carry 4 slug containers), another is strapped around my waist (can carry 8 slug containers). Also carry a backpack which stores 22 slug containers for my remaining slugs. When I use up the first 12 slugs, the bottom of my backpack will open automatically once it senses only my touch. A slug container will roll out and land on my palm.


1. Just like slugs, I named my mecha-beast using Mandarin Chinese.
2. I don't really understand Cantonese, and I usually can't speak it fluently.
3. Despite I am Chinese like Junjie, my skin is darker than him. Possibly it is because I am an overseas Chinese, plus the climate that I used to live at the Surface is hot and humid.
4. I am slightly shorter than Trixie.
5. I am not good in trash talking.
6. I can use Arachnet slugs, but I cannot deal with them (both slugs and ghouls) because I suffer arachnophobia. As a result, the Shane Gang usually have to use Lariat slugs to save me.

Fun facts:

1. My mecha-beast model is taken from the scientific name of the Malayan tiger, which is Panthera tigris jacksoni.
2. I once thought of giving my slugs English names, but I found out that many people may give similar names to their slugs. Since Junjie is Chinese, I decide to give most of them Chinese names.


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My school counsellor said that 2013 is the year for all 15 years old students to make plans for the future, and I had made them. Some have accomplished, but some are just starting. However, this year, she said to us 16 years old students to take this year to do self-discovery. I have managed to complete this task and made improvements for myself.

Self-discovery is usually planned out after suffering confusion, and it may take quite a long period of time to finish the journey. For me, it came unexpectally and short. My self-discovery started with a spark of love and understanding relationships. I yearn for love and romance since I came from a broken home. But finding the right guy takes longer than I expected. I realize that you will eventually find the right person of your choice if you understand yourself better. As I had written in my last journal "Finding Love, Discovering Myself", I have 10 crushes, fictional or real, I group them together. I need to suffer many heartbreaks to finally understand the man of my choice. This journal is more detailed than the last one, and it talks the changes of me in many aspects.

This year it started better than last year. I was sent to the best class and nobody bullies me anymore. But then I suffered depression in March due to severe emotional problems and relationship issues. I used to be quiet when I was in primary school, but as a result I was constantly been bullied. To protect myself, I used anger to defend myself. Because of this, I became very hot-tempered and it is very difficult to control my temper. In mid-February, I kept getting angry for no reason, and this broke my friendship with a friend who used to sit next to me before our classroom was relocated. I had to admit, the unstable emotion was caused by my love-hate relationship with Jack Frost, and something about the shipping of Jack Frost and Elsa.

My unstable emotion caused everyone became scared of me and stayed away from me. Even giving teachers and family members terrible headaches. I refused to say the truth that led me to depression because nobody could fully understand my complicated problem, not even my family (they don't understand my relationship issues). I did talked about it to my friends but they couldn't help me too. I never wanted to talk about the shipping because I didn't want to hurt anyone who are supporters. I kept the problem to my heart and suffer depression. My studies are affected, my connection with people fell apart, and negative stuffs took over my mind. Pitch had me taken away from the Guardians, and turned me into a human nightmare that corrupts me and always tried to lead me to self-destruction. I used to have thoughts of commiting suicide, but my strong religious beliefs and fears stop me. Pitch must had been so mad because he wants the Guardians to suffer by feeling useless for unable to save the dying me who believe in them again since 14.

I cried for 2 months, despite I stopped this in May, but I still suffer depression. People didn't want to get along with me because they always saw me angry, but I was actually serious. EQ is more important than IQ, and that was a problem for an emotionally unstable person like myself. I hated all the boys and the couples in my school. I didn't love myself. I thought that no boys would ever like me because of my seemingly nerdy appearance and highly discipline personality. Well, the ROTG quizes of 'Which guardian are you?' state that Bunnymund likes me. I was like 'What?', and wonder why not Jack Frost. I swore to never loved again because it hurt me too much.

Suddenly, a good twist of fate came to me at the end of July, which was my birthday month. I have turned 16, and that month I wore my ruby necklace to protect myself. A sudden thought of checking out the news on Slugterra Facebook page led me to meet Junjie, and changes me forever. A week later my best friend and I realized that I have developed a huge crush on him. It was indeed love at first sight and it leads to curiousity. I wondered why I am so crazy on him, but not others. Then, compared the Shane Gang with the Guardians, I realized many similarities. Eli is Jack Frost; Kord is North; Trixie is Tooth; Pronto is Sandy; and Junjie is Bunnymund. I found out the fangirls of Jack Frost like his mischievous and rebellious yet caring and nice personality. This characteristic is shared by boys who have many fangirls, example: Eli, Wilbur Robinson, Randy Cunningham, and more.

Putting the pieces together led me to realize: I NEVER loved Jack Frost. It was the peer pressure from his fangirls caused me to accept him and break my own heart. Shame on me. He is NOT my type, and why should I follow others to accept him? When I said this everyone weirds out. This is me, and I stand on my ground. I make my own decisions in my life! So now I said: Almost every girl in the world goes crazy on Jack Frost, but I go crazy on a completely different person.

After Junjie entered my life, I went to discover myself deeper, and changed myself. I can control my temper now, and I can smile again. I can get along with people now and they like to get along with me. I reconceiled my friendship with the friend that I have mentioned above. I no longer have hatred on people and I am more positive now. To my surprise, it seems all of my friends approve of Junjie and think we should be together. Awkward yet adorable... :XD:

I am now a better person and I am extremely grateful of Junjie being my motivation (and such a wonderful lover~ :blush: :giggle:) If it wasn't for him, I would never be here. Thank you for being with me in these few months, I wouldn't have gone that far without you. :'') And I love you. Wait, what?! //slapped (I really need to get used to this feeling)


Wen Jing
:bulletred: I'm just a teenager
:bulletorange: I'm female ;)
:bulletyellow: Birthday at 17 of July (they become my lucky numbers) :D
:bulletgreen: Want to be an author
:bulletblue: I'm Chinese and Bhuddist (Although everyone thought I'm Christian) :XD:
:bulletpurple: I'm Cancer (Horoscope), Ruby (Birthstone), Tiger (Zodiac)

:bulletpink: I'm meticulous about a lot of things.
:bulletblack: I'm averse to doing dangerous things.
:bulletwhite: Sometimes, I'm wary of doing things that I never tried.
:bulletred: I'm engrossed in reading, drawing, writing stories & poems, watching TV, Internet and travelling.
:bulletorange: I like badminton.
:bulletyellow: I like quite a lot of cartoons

~Write stories and draw awesome fanarts!
~Travel around the world!
~Gain knowledge!

~BEING DIRTY! Dirty stuffs!

Afraid of:
~Heights (Acrophobia)
~Spiders (Arachnophobia)
~Noise (Acousticophobia)
~The sound of the balloon explode (Ligyrophobia)

Friends on deviantART:
:iconryocutema: :iconkazu-0: :iconfia-v98: :iconblackkenzaki: :iconchibichibiichigo: :iconmaxvel33: :iconartdeeb96: :iconfizzle-knight: :iconmay-tsukiko: :iconartdeeb96: :iconanakathewolf: :iconkittykaina: :iconleanne088:

I watch:
:icon4eknight11: :iconcheshirep: :iconkapaychan: :iconblackkenzaki: :iconleanne088:

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In Spain with intermittent internet access, looking for new dA shots! - so sorry for the  late reply. Thanks for faving 'the lazy old boy' in "Lazy marmalade cat..."  

Glad you enjoyed it Wen Jing    
Orange Cat Luvie      Please do keep on watching???

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