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Just all my favourite stuffs... Terbaik! Awesome! :D




After reading the article "If the Disney Villains Won", I decided to do this list about "If the Slugterra Villains Won".

Season 1:
"The Slugout" : The HooliGang would win in the end. Luckily Eli slung Doc as his last shot and claimed victory.
"Deadweed" : Dark Water would flood Deadweed Cavern. The lives of the Shane Gang would be at stake. The miners might never turned back to normal.
"The Slug Run" : Eli would be defeated and Sedo would give Dr. Blakk the Crystalyd slug to (perhaps) ghoul it. Good thing Pronto came in just in time.
"Shadows and Light" : Bullseye Cavern would die and Dr. Blakk would conquer it. Something bad would happen to Doc.
"Dawn of the Slug" : More innocent people would turn into zombies. The Shane Gang might ended up the same fate. Credits goes to Miller Millard for saving Eli, Kord and Trixie from Mr. Saturday in the first place and Doc for curing the Cryptogrif, reversing the effects.
"Club Slug" : More damage would be done. Injuries and death might occur.
"Mecha Mutiny" : The Shane Gang's mecha beasts would explode. Other mecha-beasts would be the same. People would be forced to use the SlugTerran Express. Nobody might know about Blakk's evil doings.
"Undertow" : The Shane Gang would remain slaves for the pirates.
"Mario Bravado" : Pronto and another three innocent men would become slaves for Blakk. Judge Logan would never taste his own medicine (You rock, Trixie. ;))

Season 2:
"The New Kid: Part 2" : What would Twist do to Eli? What would Nacho and Blakk's Goons do to Kord, Trixie and Pronto?
"Snowdance" : Billy would be happy to be the star. But, dream on, Billy! >XD
"A Distant Shore" : Gar Revelle might find a way to the Surface. Eli's friends in danger. Both worlds might collide and destruction would occur.
"The Journey Home" : Burpy would get captured by Locke and Lode and get ghouled. Eli's life in danger. Pronto was not really helping, but added a bit comedy. XD
"Roboslugs" : Quentin would threaten everyone. Slugs would be in danger of being wiped out.
"Deep Water, Dark Water" : Dr. Blakk would get more Dark Water supply. The Shane Gang's lives in stake.
"The Gentleman and the Thief" : Dana Por would be killed.
"No Exit" : The residents in Lumino Cavern would turn into stone. The Neurotox fog would spread to other caverns, endangering them. Blite might brutally injure or kill Eli.
"The Hard Part" : The Vitalis Crystal might landed on Blakk's hands.

Season 3:
"What Lies Beneath" : Darkbanes would succeed in getting to Slugterra and they would try to reach the Surface. Doomsday would come to both worlds. Thanks to Doc for helping the Guardian Slugs and saved the day, which resulted him to be a Guardian.
"The Return" : Blakk would destroy anything on his path (maybe).
"Slugball" : Nobody would know who really sabotage the sport.
"King of Sling" : Dr. Blakk would conquer Getaway Cavern and reach to The End. If he discovered the secrets and created a portal to the Eastern Caverns, things would get messy. If it was before the Goon, Dr. Blakk would try to conquer it but won't stand a chance against Junjie. If it was after the Goon, it would get nasty.
"Mission: Improbable" : Eli, Kord and Trixie might never escaped. Pronto and Burpy might get ghouled.
"Keys to the Kingdom" : Sedo would become king and continue to work for Blakk. Nacho would get the map and Blakk might find a way to the Deep Caverns or the Surface.
"The Thrill of the Game" : The Shane Gang's lives in stake.
"Lightwell" : Burpy might die and Blakk would successfully destroy Lightwell.
"It Comes By Night" : More slugs and other living things would become victims. The High Plains Monster would threaten other caverns.
"Upgrade" : Blakk might not ended up in jail. The Shane Gang's lives in stake.
"Bandoleer of Brothers" : The cavern would die and Burpy would get ghouled. Credit goes to Rookie for saving the day after getting Burpy's encouragement.
"Light as Day" : Dr. Blakk would win and the Darkbanes would conquer Slugterra. Then they would stop following Blakk's orders and try to find a way to the Surface. Doomsday for both worlds. Thankfully Doc came back and saved the Shane Gang and the Shadow Clans. Also thanks to Burpy, Joules, Spinner, Chiller and Banger for saving Eli.

"Ghoul from Beyond" : Nobody could defeat the Goon, who had taken over Eli's body. The fate of the 99 Caverns would be the same as the Eastern Realms. Fortunately Burpy and Doc jumped into action just in time.
"Return of the Elementals" : All Elemental Slugs would get ghouled (but there's a theory that Doc might not be able to get ghouled) and Slugterra would be gone. Everyone would more likely to die. Credits go to Will Shane, Doc, the Shane Gang, and Junjie's Slug Fu skills and true friend quality for saving Slugterra.
"Slug Fu Showdown" : The Elemental Slugs would ended on the wrong hands (the villain seems to be Spirex, a spider humanoid) and the 99 Caverns would be reduced to rubble. Spirex's species (possibly spiders) would rule the world.

You know what, I am just glad our heroes win. These alternate endings give me goosebumps.
After reading this article about Disney villains:… I decided to make a list about Slugterra villains.

Best wardrobes? I will say Junjie and Will Shane as the Dark Slinger. :XD:
Favourite colours? Black for Dr. Blakk. :lol:
Best songs? Don't ask.
Henchmen? Yes.
Vain? Don't tell me...
Super impressive evil lairs? Blakk's Citadel and the Game Master's lair.
Sarcasm? The Goon.
The word 'fools'? The Goon called Blakk that.
Magical powers? Darkbanes and Goon. Added the intelligence of Quentin and the Game Master.
Never have to apologize for their ambitions? Yes.


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After reading this… , I wonder in the Shane Gang (also includes me, and your OCs if you want), who is the best and who is the worst in certain games.

You might like to know which Big Hero 6 Character are you:… I got Honey Lemon. Sweet and genuine, you care about your friends and the world around you. You love exploring new cultures and being a part of the team. Talk about chemistry, totally yes.

And this article totally describes "you-know-who":…

And this, I should keep in mind:…

Most of all, good news, the leader of my slugs, Glace, is in love. :iconlachoirplz:


Wen Jing
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